EVERYbody Reads: Your Bookstore!

Open for business

And so the journey begins...

Welcome to the EVERYbody Reads website; a site dedicated to keeping you up to date on what’s new at Lansing’s independent community bookstore and what’s going on in our community.

EVERYbody Reads’ explicit mission is to serve the needs of the underrepresented and under served individual, family and community.

We have books and magazines, posters and bumper stickers, gift items and a myriad of other items that reflect the diversity and shared humanity of our community and our world.

Please stop by should you have the chance: I promise that you will not be disappointed!


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3 Responses to EVERYbody Reads: Your Bookstore!

  1. Jack Pyle says:

    Great new look to the website, Scott! It is very appealing and easy to find my way around.

  2. Viki Heftler says:

    Fabulous website, great store, and I even have enough money at the moment to buy a book or two! From Dr. H.

  3. Patrick Lynaugh says:

    I was at a book signing on Friday June 25 of a local author who published his first book. A small gathering but very nice and I purchased a signed book becoming Normal by Mark Edick.

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